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3 years of R&D

Autonomous locking system

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The Watchdog System anti-theft lock is a compact and really resistant brake disc lock, you can easily put under your motorbike seat. It has been designed by bikers to provide a new ergonomic and user friendly experience. Thanks to a smooth grip, you can lock the anti-theft device in a single movement without dirtying your hands.

Your motorbike is protected in a fews seconds.

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A connected, intelligent and innovative Device

The Watchdog System anti-theft lock is permanently connected to the owner. Thanks to the combination of highly performing sensors and a movement recognition algorithm, the lock is able to detect every real suspicious events. In case of emergency, the owner receives an alert in real time with the type of attack.

No more glancing at the window every 5 minute to check for your motorbike!

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The bikers community is at the heart of our system

The Watchdog System anti-theft lock is connected to the whole bikers community. Indeed, when an incident occurs, all bikers around are alerted. It increases the risk for thieves to get caught.

The App, available on IOS and Android, facilitates chat between bikers but also helps watching after your neighbors motorbike.

In Short ...

True Plug and Play System (no installation cost or subscription), the Watchdog mecatronic brake disc lock will revolutionize the way you protect your motorbike.

Easy to Use

Suspicious event

Alert in real time

Community help

The watchdog community will now watch after you

FAQ Watchdog System

Frequently Asked Questions

You charge the anti-theft thanks to your electronic key you use to unlock it. Then you will never have to bring it back home.

The autonomy is really good. It lasts 2 months without any charge.

Watchdog System uses the Lora telecom network. This is a telecom network specially developed for IoT device, that does not need much energy and so, provide a longer battery.

Of course, it does work in undergrounds, thanks to the Lora technology using low range of frequencies. You can use the Watchog System in underground parkings. Connection is working up to the third or fourth basement.

The Watchdog lock works also perfectly fine without installing the native app. When the Watchdog anti-theft is locked, its processor will warn you by sms in real time if a suspicious event occurs. However, if you want to experience the whole Watchdog System experience, we invite you to download the app.

The watchdog antitheft it totally plug and play. No installation cost, no subscription. SMS sent by the system are included.

The Watchdog anti-theft has been designed to pass the French insurance approval (SRA)

Its height allows you to put it under your motorbike seat most of the time. However, if it is not possible, we offer a transport base (optional), you put on the radiator grill of your motorbike.

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